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I Was A Mistake You Don’t Deserve To Remember.
You Look So Happy Now and Finally You’ve Mended The Cuts I Left in Your Heart

Five tables away, you were with your friends. Perhaps, I was too distant that you barely noticed we were in the same place. I watched you from a distant. You looked like you had a proper sleep for months. You gained your ideal weight and height grew that curly hair that I always admired . In a crowd of noise, I could always determine your laughter. It’s the most favorite thing about you because you’re always picky with jokes. I watched you drink hard liquors which were something quite unusual about you.

You excused yourself from the rest walked metres away to receive a call. You Choose the darkest corner which was empty and you looked like you were talking softly-almost like whispering. I watched you return to you table, puffed your cig and shared small talks to your members.

I remember how we talked before we slept, how we plotted the future together. It was something I didn’t want to skip because it’s my soothing lullaby-hearing your voice. It’s just your mind that made me want to listen to you. You would kiss me so hard and tell me you’re happy to have me.

Conversations That Turned To Deep Talks, Truths, Wants, Laughter and also Games.

And now you’re there-five tables away and I was trying my best not to be seen. I felt like I was a mistake you don’t deserve to remember. You look so happy now and finally you’ve mended the cuts I left in your heart. You used to be the closest person I could ran to and now, looking at you from this distance hurts so much knowing I could no longer speak up your name without regrets and pain.

All I think and see is what we had, what we shared and what I owned.

You used to be my favorite part of the day and now, you’ve become this FORBIDDEN MEMORY I am no longer permitted to recall.


Rating: 3 out of 5.

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