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A friend from that other side asked me why I’m more in love with nights, dim colors and sunsets than mornings and afternoons with those rainbow colors. And I was like.. Perhaps it is cos I heard enough noise already. I had seen how the world disintegrates each moment with its people. I had seen enough reflection of myself on other people and all I could give we’re the fake smiles and gestures!

I had tried to drag myself early in the morning to go to school, forced myself in conversations I wish I could walk away from. Let’s say it was an off mood day.

That day so many circles came to me. Circles of friendship, haters, ridicules.. All of them. I saw myself getting by, fitting myself in corners of the dark that I don’t truly belong! It was during that day where i forced to kill my passion to keep up with the career

I had seen everything enough under the broad daylight as the day faded and everything I did seemed to be clearer. Everyone saw it and everyone had something to say about it and that why I’m more in love with the nights because they give me times up, they give me the dismissals. They give me silence and the freedom to be alone. just me.

I Might appear strong during the day, but its actually at night when I allow myself to be weak. Its during the night when I play that album by Billie Elish and Avril Lavigne jus to pour emotions. Its during the night when I shut away my World from everyone else so that I can be fragile. Its also the time where I lock my door, my phone and the internet.. Jus to be silent, to letdown each weigh, to be a soul reaching, to be myself-the one that only a few good people see.

No Matter How Dark The Night Is, No Matter How Dark Your Life Is, There Will Always Be Light Guiding your Back Jus Like the moon

I am in love with the night cos jus like the world, I’m allowed to get tired. I’m allowed to rest. I’m allowed to be alone. I’m allowed to shrink like the sun on its setting off. Its during the night where I recall where I failed, where I went wrong and how I can trace my imperfections.

Its during the night where I’m allowed to take a break, so for the next day I could try once again.

To me the night is a world by itself .The night is more olive and richly coloured than the day

“The day is longer than a night for those who dream, and the night is longer than the day for those who make there dreams come true”


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Its The Love With The Night 🌙



He Said He Liked Someone. I Knew Right From The Form Of His Eyes That He Was Talking About Someone Else. I Felt My Knees Weaken But Managed To Give Him A Smile.


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18 replies on “THE NIGHT LOVE”

i get you ,i am in a point where i have to act strong ,happy during the day but really am zealous of the dark .i get to be free ,i let my innerself out,my emotions and frustrations

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It’s amazing how u tell the story, am seeing a real talent going up the ladder to the next level… It’s just awesome 😍…. 👏👏👏

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I too love the night … Was born that way…I have found over my lifetime there are more day people than night if you will..but I always feel a real sense of connection when I meet one!! You wouldn’t happen to be left handed??? Lol.. I’m a lefty…Anyway was a very feeling piece!! Touched my soul!

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